Maintaining your fur garment is an important component that will dramatically impact its visual

appearance and longevity. Unlike many other fabrications fur, while extremely durable, is also susceptible

to unique wear and damage because of its inherent natural properties. Drop off your furs and

shearlings at any one of our locations. Free pick up is also available in some areas.

To schedule please call us at (215) 735-4173.


Heritage furs are a big hit with young fashion lovers. We see many young women who have

inherited their grandmother’s, or mothers coats, and are a little stumped with how to make them

reflect their own more modern, or individual style sensibilities. To solve this problem,

we have helped countless customers restyle their old fur coat and create fresh, updated and

personalized fur pieces that they can be proud of.


No matter your goals; a newly designed coat, fur accessories, a great fur bag, or even

cozy and elegant home furnishings, we can bring your vision full-circle. With our highly

skilled fur artisans and designers we can help transform your outdated fur style and

create new memories, while honoring old ones. Below are some examples of just some of our

previous restyling projects. Call us at (215) 735-4173, or stop by either one of our three

locations at any time to discuss your fur restyling needs.


Have a question about cleaning and storage? We love hearing from you.

Your message will be confidentially sent to Jacques Ferber.



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